Points of pride:

  • 1910s - 1st Lutheran Church in Eau Claire to hold worship in English

  • 1960s - 1st Church in Eau Claire to call an African-American pastor

  • 1970s - 1st Lutheran Church in Eau Claire to welcome a woman pastor

  • 2010s - Struggled successfully to maintain relationship with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

A strong faith in God and courage: the early church organizers were filled with both when they gathered on a bitterly cold January night in 1910 to organize Grace English Lutheran Church. There were 137 charter members.

After purchasing property at Second and Grand in 1912, it was another three years until the cornerstone was laid in September 1915.

Before the church construction was complete, services were held at the West Side Church and the North Side Church alternately. Pastor H.M. Thompson was the first pastor and conducted the Rites and Sacraments of the church for Grace's young congregation. The church building was completed in 1916 and the Grace family had a permanent home.

The story of Grace Lutheran Church is not just 100 years of historical facts. It is the story of its people and progressive mission over the past 100 years.

Part of the city for over 100 years