Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is an exciting time for you, and we are pleased that you are considering to be married at Grace Lutheran Church. As you begin your preparation for marriage, we want to offer you our understanding of Christian marriage.

Studies show that happy married couples are likely to remain partners for life if they share a faith in God and a spiritual commitment. That is our focus in marriage preparation at Grace Lutheran Church. A spiritual life together of worship and prayer can help make your marriage fulfilling and vital. Whether you make your church home at Grace or another church, we hope you will make growing in faith and love for God and each other an important part of your marriage commitment.

We receive many inquiries from both members and non-members about the possibility of celebrating their wedding at Grace Lutheran Church. We consider marriage to be part of our congregation’s ministry to help couples begin their life together with both the blessing of God and the genuine care of this community of faith. Members and non-members are welcome to use our facilities.

For information on Weddings, contact the church office.

Love is patient and kind