Worship services are every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Live streaming of the service can be found embedded in the Ministry and Mission webpage (with the bulletins) and our Facebook page for anyone who is unable to attend. Videos of the services are also archived on our Youtube channel.

Experience Grace on Grand

Grace Lutheran Church is acting as the presence of Christ to meet the needs of people in our community and world. As a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) we celebrate our rich history of delivering a progressive message in a traditional worship setting. We are a congregation diverse in membership and welcoming in our ministry.

About Our Church

You’re Invited

Visitors and new members are welcome here at Grace!

If you are new to the community or looking for a church home, if you are searching for a progressive understanding of scripture, if you want to make an impact locally and globally, if you want to support children and the elderly, if you want to protect God’s creation, if you believe that we are never done learning, if you are enriched by hearing God’s Word through great music, Grace is the place for you. Consider visiting Grace, you are welcome here no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

Where are you located?
We are located at 202 West Grand Avenue in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. You can get directions here!

What time is worship?
Worship starts at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays in the Sanctuary.

What time is fellowship hour?
Fellowship with refreshments begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Chapel.

What are the worship services like?
Our worship is traditional with a progressive message. We believe Christian worship and community should be joyful, something like the highlight of each week for all people of all ages.

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Our Core Values

Grace for All

God’s grace extends to all people without exception. As a community of faith claimed by Jesus, we ask how to live in this world that God so boundlessly loves. We welcome all to worship with us in the presence of God’s mercy and grace.

Restoring Creation

God, who is Creator of all, wishes us to care for the web of creation that sustains life. We trust the broad consensus of climate scientists that human action and patterns of consumption have harmed our ecosystem. We seek an ecological spirituality rooted in the Creator which actively mends the harm done to creation and desires the goods of the earth to be shared fairly with all people.

Arts Celebrated

God the Creator made human beings in God’s own image and called us to creative work in the arts. We celebrate the profound beauty created by visual and musical artists as they reflect the splendor of divine creativity. We also look to the arts to articulate our lament to God for all that is broken in our lives.

Children and Youth Loved

Jesus welcomed children, declaring that God’s kingdom comes to such as these. We love the children and youth who come among us as family, even as we enjoy our extended biological family members. We support organizations that help in the development and growth of young people who hold a special place in our hearts.

Education for Life

Even as we support our younger members in their growth in wisdom and in years, we understand that learning is a lifelong pursuit. We provide educational opportunities which acknowledge that God welcomes our questions about life’s most perplexing challenges. Faith does not stop our thinking but inspires us to think more deeply and complexly about the world we inhabit.

Serving Our Neighbors

God came in Christ not to be served but to serve. We are called to follow in Christ’s ways. We support community partners who work with the most vulnerable among us. We volunteer with local organizations that provide direct relief and advocate with governmental leaders on behalf of those most at risk. We support global work responding to disasters and injustice. We do God’s work with our own hands.

About Our Ministry

We are a congregation that is diverse in membership and welcoming in our ministry. At Grace you will find singles and couples, children and the retired, gay and straight, the churched and marginally churched, artists and business owners, engineers and teachers, lawyers and librarians, those unemployed and those looking for a better opportunity. When you come to Grace, you will find people who have been members of this congregation since birth and those who have just become new members.

Our Ministry

Your giving helps us support all of our ministries, programs and community outreach!